Shop 3/39 Melalueca Drive
Cheltenham Vic 3192

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1300 790 746

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About Xotik Smoothies

High quality ingredients in the perfect blend, snap frozen within 2 hours straight from the source and over the counter to your customers.
Importing only the highest quality IQF fruit & vegetables from Europe, we supply our Smoothie product to a wide range of retailers across Melbourne.
Xotik Smoothies prides itself on an excellent customer experience and our quality products.

Xotik Smoothies Mission

The Xotik Smoothies team have worked in Hospitality for over 18 years. Passionate about the quality of the drinks in our own cafe's we were always looking to make the perfect smoothie but were unable to get it right every time.
The Xotik Smoothies Mission is to supply an easy to make smoothie range with pure fruit and vegetables and with minimal wastage.

If you want to know more about the Xotik Smoothies range download our brochure.